By the Bakery —
delivers freshly baked bread, sandwiches, pastries & other delicious sweets for your business meetings & events. made by the nobel dessert bakers
of 2013
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We created the identity, packaging, site, film and shot the mouth drooling photos for the site and social media.

We created a branding playing on axxxxxx


We came up with the copy line; Baked on a true story, able to carry the message across with a bit of humour.


We created a super simple webshop hooked up to their order management system, quickly turning phone calls into mouse clicks, freeing up time for more sandwich making. We also helped out with the Honest Shop, their choice of omni channel, as opposed to a brick and mortar store.

Brand Film

We created a short film. The main piece in the room, to back up sales, and to wrap up the brand.

social media content

A visual product needs a visual approach. Our photo team shoots life style images while eating croissant a few times each year, to create content for the SoMe content calendar.

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