Eco Eyewear — sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good. We gave the world's first sustainable eyewear brand a crisp makeover. Including creating strategies, a communication platform & an engaging tone-of-voice. Redesign of their identity. Art direction & production for campaigns, films and

Brand development

Eco is about expressing yourself and feeling good in your own skin. We’re part of a generation that welcomes positive change and always stays open and curious. Making a difference starts with making better choices. Now is a good time.

Style that matters

Brand tonality

The new brand identity focuses on the mindsets and attitudes that drive sustainability and the belief in a better future for all. Inspired by situations from our audience's everyday life and social behaviors, Eco engages in their world using their tone-of-voice. Combined with a humble and modern logotype, typography, an inspiring color palette and playful graphical patterns. Bringing back the authenticity of real people and real emotions. A lifestyle Eco’s audience can emotionally identify with and feel part of. A style that really matters.

Now is a good time
Color palette
Photo Assets
Microfibre cloth
One frame one tree


An engaging, relatable and humble direction for the tone-of-voice to position/place Eco in the same room/frequency as their audience.

Developed to support the messaging for the new brand identity


In a time of environmental challenges, Eco brings awareness and inspires people to express their views through their personal style. It feels good to look good while you do good. And the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Now is a good time.

In this campaign we follow two groups of friends in their everyday life. Their two parallel stories develop over a day of hanging out, exploring new places and engaging in activities our audience can relate to, that also reflects Eco’s brand values.

A state of mind


We designed and built a mobile first e-commerce site that reflects today's expectations on online shopping as well as getting the new branding across. The website – a sales window and a catalog for both opticians and customers – was developed based on the user journey, while showcasing the brand and the campaign.

Make it last
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