EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION — Sweden's go-to telemarketing company with 300+ employees in Stockholm & Barcelona. Taking excellent care of your employees has been a winning strategy for Effective. To keep up with the growth, we helped create a recruitment campaign for their Barcelona office, while also producing new videos and photos for their website.

RECRUITMENT Campaign videos

Effective’s Barcelona office mainly recruits Swedish-speaking people since most of their clients are Swedish. Most of their staff are in their early 20s.

Choosing btw doing the same work from Barcelona rather than Stockholm should be an easy pick for most. We emphasized this through a series of eye-catching videos for SoMe.

RECRUITMENT Campaign interactive

Make a customer, not a sale. There are many types of sales people, which one are you? We created the “Which seller are you”-quiz on Instagram. A fun and relatable game to encourage people to apply in a more entertaining way.



We produced a series of videos and photos that capture the inspiring and easygoing atmosphere at their Stockholm and Barcelona offices.

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