Men With — Sweden’s fastest growing inspirational lifestyle directory for men with more than 12m followers spread over eight accounts on Instagram. We were commissioned to design the new visual identity, packaging and various retail units as well as an e-commerce solution passing users on to the relevant shop on a kickback monetizing model. Have a look below.


Men With needed a strong visual stamp to watermark all their original content. We came back with the MW-marque that would carry the brand across.

5 400 000 followers
4 000 000 followers
708 000 followers
515 000 followers
289 000 followers
344 000 followers
247 000 followers
135 000 followers
12 638 000+ instagram reach
As of october 2023

Commissioned sales

Instead of stocking all the products – Men With is linking to other shops and commissioned on sales.

Smart Filters

Monitoring user journeys and making design decisions based on data led us to re-engineer the conventional filters found in e-commerce today.

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