Temp0 documentary festival
—  7 days packed with seminars, masterclasses, exhibitions & over 100 inspiring documentaries from all around the world.
We love Tempo for adding more creativity to our city. With their festival taking place during the grey months of the yr, we felt they deserved a more pleasant & colorful look to express their versatile festival. We developed a visual style to be associated with the festival throughout their materials in print & motion. And designed the magazine, website, animated content for social media plus a tote bag. Go & get inspired at their festival in march.


A trailer for 2017's festival theme "persona". Produced in collaboration with director Senay Berhe.

The City

We participated in the festival, in collaboration with director Senay Berhe(link), by creating a short film about "the city".

We created a campaign site where we asked ppl from around the world to upload video clips of their everyday city lifes to be used as material for the film. Accompanied by an unique written song by artist Jenny Wilsson