TT Original Lager — a traditional lager and Sweden’s №.1 “mellanöl” since the 60s. TT is the collaboration between the three major breweries of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. We created a campaign for outdoor, DOOH and social media. And produced ideas and content for social media and on-trade.

In a time when “craft beer” gets 32M+ hits on Google, ppl have more knowledge about the oldest alcoholic drink than ever. TT perceives itself as a simple lager for people who love beer, pop culture and enjoys the little things in life.

Our campaign focused on encouraging ppl to break everyday patterns and create a better balance in life. Contrary to the hard working lifestyle.

‍It’s the small things in life that matters — with a pinch of quirkiness.

Shakes the habitual

To carry out their communication concept "fight boredom", we came up with a motivational campaign copy as an answer / conclusion / definition / explanation / closure / completion to each situation — “Why Not”.

Social Media

To support the “serial chiller” theme, we developed content for social media during a year.


Sweden is unfortunately not blessed with many months of t-shirt weather. Which makes ppl wanna be outdoors whenever the sun shows up.

With World Cup around the corner and Sweden actually being in it, we wanted to give ppl a chance to enjoy the invincible combination.

We delivered an idea on how TT Beer could help its on-trade bar's around the city. Making it possible to enjoy a cold beverage and the sun on the outdoor seating, while watching the games live.

When you have a minute

We created a simple site to gather all the social media content.


3D model and rendered packshot of the new bottle.

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